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Wi-Fi Thermostats

There are several misconceptions out there about Wi-Fi thermostats: they’re expensive, difficult to use, and make your home less secure. The fact of the matter is that Wi-Fi thermostats are the future of home temperature control.

Wi-Fi thermostats have been around for many years, and while some of these concerns may have been true at one point, they have been rendered moot in the last few years by major improvements in technology. Not only are these thermostats safe, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive (many are about the same price as standard digital thermostats), there is no simpler way to save money and energy than by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home. Just by using the preset schedules on many of the models, you could save up to 30% in energy costs, per year!

With most Wi-Fi thermostats, you can control your home’s climate from an app on your smartphone or computer, and can set multiple different schedules–one for every day of the week, if you wish. Unexpectedly working late at the office one night? With the app, you can adjust your home’s climate remotely, so the heat or air conditioning doesn’t kick on at inconvenient moments and waste precious energy. Many Wi-Fi thermostats will also send you alerts via email and text if anything in your home goes awry, making this a perfect option for snowbirds who wish to keep an eye on things while they’re away for the winter.

Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat is typically quick and painless, and the majority of them work with most combined heating and cooling systems. In addition, with today’s technology, Wi-Fi thermostats are safer than earlier versions, and are just as secure as your home’s Wi-Fi network. Therefore, with proper encryption and a strong password, you can create a secure environment for your home.

Experts say that Wi-Fi thermostats will outsell standard digital thermostats in the next five years. Don’t get left behind! Contact us today to see how we can set you up with the peace of mind of a Wi-Fi thermostat.