3 Generations of Happy Neighbors

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Appel Videos

Watch the Appel Heating & Air Conditioning videos below to learn more about the philosophy and the history of Appel. Also, meet happy customers and hear from the team how Appel Heating & Air Conditioning is partnering to give back to the community in Carmel and around the Indianapolis Northside area. See us in action as we repair and install new air conditioners, heating systems, oil furnaces…and more!

Appel: Dinner

Three Indy women meet for a nice dinner and to discuss the benefits of choosing Appel Heating & Air Conditioning for their HVAC needs.

Appel: Golfers

Golfing buddies discuss the best options for home comfort.

Appel: Grandpa

Grandpa ruminates on heating and air conditioning back in his day.

Appel in the Community

Appel partners with Capitol Supplies to help out a local family who needed a little help.

Fight Against Breast Cancer

President Scott Appel demonstrates how Appel Heating & Air Conditioning partners with Susan G. Koman to fight breast cancer.

30 Year Appel Customer

Jon speaks about why he has been a loyal Appel Heating & Air Conditioning customer for over 30 years.

Customer Testimonial

Appel Heating & Air Conditioning customers talk about the enjoyment and comfort of working with the company.

Home Needs Assessment

Nate walks through the steps of a home needs assessment to determine appropriate equipment.

Union Jack Testimonial

Hear how Appel Heating & Air Conditioning won the business and loyalty of Brenda, former owner of Union Jack in Broad Ripple.

Furnace Maintenance

It's important to maintain your furnace in order to attain optimum performance. Learn about the steps your Appel technician will take as part of your maintenance package.

Filter Service

John Mills, Appel Service Manager, introduces us to various filter options and introduces the more efficient media air filter. Schedule a checkup today.

Appel Corporate Overview

Get an overview of Appel Heating & Air Conditioning from Scott and Ken.

AC Maintenace

Don't get caught in the heat! Make sure to maintain your A/C unit. Here are some quick DIY tips.


If your air conditioning unit broke on the hottest day of the year would you make lemonade or call Appel Heating & Air Conditioning?


What would you do if it were 17 degrees and your furnace was broken and the only people in the house were you and Brad?

Ready for Summer?

How can you be sure your air conditioning is ready for the summer cooling system?


It's 95 degrees outside and your air conditioner is broken, how will you stay cool?