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What Happens if You Skip Routine Maintenance?

Your car needs regular maintenance to get you around town. Your body needs regular maintenance to keep you healthy. And your home’s HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep you comfortable and safe. It can be easy to overlook the needs of your heating and cooling equipment—out of sight, out of mind, right? But you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by skipping out on your HVAC system’s maintenance. Here’s why:

  • Without regular maintenance, malfunctioning or complete shutdown of your home’s comfort system is imminent. An HVAC technician is trained to look for any potential problems and can replace broken parts or replace fluids to avoid potential disaster. And after all, a minor fix in time costs much less money than it would to replace the entire unit.
  • Believe it or not, the condition of your HVAC system can drastically affect the cleanliness of your home. Things like mold, dirt, and dust build up over time and eventually spew out into your living areas. You can vacuum and mop all you want, but if you have an old, clogged, dirty system…you’ll be cleaning forever.
  • You insulate your home to protect against drafts and conserve energy, right? Without regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system, that effort may be going to waste. These units can develop blocks which, if not identified and cleared by a professional, can develop into leaks. This drastically reduces the efficiency of your system and leads to a higher energy bill.
  • Skipping regular HVAC maintenance is not only costly, it can be dangerous too. Neglected heat pumps and heating units can lead to mechanical and electrical problems which, in turn, can result in a fire. In the long run, it’s cheaper to pay for maintenance than it is to rebuild a home.

Has it been awhile since your HVAC system got some TLC? Appel has several maintenance plan options to suit your home and budget. Call us today!