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Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

We all like to save a dollar or two where we can, and when faced with a major expense—like replacing your HVAC equipment—it can be tempting to cut corners. But when it comes to your home’s comfort system, you really do get what you pay for. Inexpensive HVAC equipment is not worth the long-term hassle that comes with saving a few dollars up front. Here are a few reasons why:

Lower Grade Units = More Breakdowns = More Repair Costs

Lower quality HVAC equipment just isn’t made to last. Low end, “Builder Grade” units come with lower grade components and the absolute minimum of features. Breakdowns occur in these units more frequently, which means higher repair costs, more down time, and unhappy customers.

Product Differences

Keep in mind, most HVAC manufacturers typically offer two or three product lines, much like most other industries. A “Builder Grade” line comes at a low price point for a reason. A “Standard Line” comes with better parts and more features, while a “Premium Line” comes with the most features and the best parts available.

Poor Performance

A lower price tag often means lower quality and, ultimately, a lower level of comfort for your family. If your HVAC system doesn’t heat and cool your house properly, you’ve wasted your money. With winter coming up, the last thing you want is a house with sub-par heating!

Lower Efficiency

Compared to high quality units, cheaper HVAC systems are usually less efficient. This means your cheaper HVAC system must work harder than a higher quality system does when it comes to heating and cooling your house. This results in more energy expended—and higher energy costs.

Dealer Differences = Installation Differences = Price Differences

Buying HVAC equipment is not the same as buying a toaster, or even a car. You don’t just plug in a furnace or put gas in your air conditioner, and away you go. The dealer is responsible for designing, sizing, and installing your heating and cooling system, and this is where things matter the most. A well installed system will always outlast a system where the installers cut corners. Do your research on best installation practices and make sure you completely understand the scope of work in its entirety.

Our Promise

Here at Appel Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer the right equipment for your home at a fair price. We make sure your new HVAC system is designed and sized correctly, and our installers make sure that your new equipment is installed to code using the best of today’s installation practices.