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Before & After Photos

Your home deserves our best maintenance and cleaning efforts. That’s why our heating and air conditioning technicians always wear shoe covers inside your home—an integral part of their job is to clean up the area after finishing. By the time they’re done, your home will be as clean—or even cleaner—than when the installation started.

We’re proud of our work, and love to show it off. Here are some of our favorite “Before & After” photos of heating and air conditioning projects we’ve completed around Carmel and the Indianapolis Northside.

Of course, this is just a small representation of all the jobs we do and equipment we work on. From air conditioners to oil furnaces to media air cleaners…check out our Services page to see a list of all that we do. Or give us a call and let us know how we can help you!

Coal Furnace Replacement

Coal Old Coal New

This coal-burning antique in an Old Towne Carmel home had been converted to gas. The burner was held in place by the gas line; the humidifier leaked all over. When the unit fired, flames shot out of the front, and flue gas spilled out the top inspection door.

We replaced the old unit with an 80% efficient furnace that heats the house quickly, has good airflow to all the rooms, and will save a bundle on gas bills. The “no flames shooting out the front” thing is a benefit, too.

Boiler Replacement

This boiler was about 40 years old when the owner called us. It had a leak that was spraying steam out of the chimney! The leak was so bad that it dripped on the burners and snuffed out the pilot light. Not very safe.

Other contractors quoted oversized boilers based on the original one’s size. But we ran a heating load calculation on the home and correctly sized a new 80% efficient unit that heats quietly, comfortably, and safely.

Gravity Furnace Replacement

Max Old Max New

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore: a gravity furnace from the 1940s. No fan, no blower: the hot air rose all by itself, and the cold air fell via huge ducts. Actually, the unit was in good working order, but couldn’t accommodate central air, when the homeowner called us.

Believe it or not, we replaced that old American-Standard furnace more than 50 years later with a new American-Standard Freedom 78. How long will this one last? Check back in a couple of decades.

Forced Air Furnace Replacement

In the fall of 2006, we offered a free high efficiency furnace to the homeowner who was still using the oldest furnace we could find. The winner of the Oldest Furnace Contest was this 40-year-old Rybolt gas lowboy; the runner up, a year newer, was the same model!

We installed a new Air Ease Tech 91, provided courtesy of Capitol Supplies. This way, the homeowner will save a nickel or two: its 91% AFUE is quite an improvement over the Rybolt’s 55-60% AFUE. Sometimes, it’s actually better if that old furnace breaks down

Octopus Replacement

In our business, this is called an “octopus.” It’s a big, old furnace that originally burned coal but was converted to gas in the ‘50s. There was no blower: warm air rose through the ducts and cool air fell in two big returns. The heat exchanger was working perfectly, but the homeowner was tired of high bills—and wanted to add air conditioning.

We welcomed him into the 21st century with a new 80% efficient American-Standard Freedom 80; a cooling system with Copeland Scroll compressor and mulitflex indoor coil; General 1042 humidifier; and a two-stage programmable thermostat. Hey—as long as you’re making a change, you might as well put in the good stuff!

Furnace & Air Cleaner Replacement

Before, we had a 60% efficient furnace, a model extremely common in this area. The new furnace is 80% efficient, so should result in a nice gas savings each year. The box on the right side is a Trion Air Bear media air cleaner. More effective than a 1” pleated filter and so much less restrictive to airflow. In most homes it only has to be changed once a year.