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Employee Spotlight: Meet John Mills!

To say John is a staple of the Appel team is a huge understatement. As our Service & Installation Manager, John is the guy who provides technical support to our technicians, installers, and salesmen. He’s also responsible for all inventory control and purchasing, and quite a bit of data entry. HVAC system installation and repair can present many challenges from job to job, and John absolutely thrives in the environment. Many a project has benefited from his expert problem-solving skills, and the satisfaction he gets from a job-well-done is infectious!

Before Appel, John spent 13 years at Radio Shack and describes himself as the “company geek.” The HVAC industry has been going through a technological revolution in the last several years, which is very exciting to John—he loves learning about and playing around with all the newfangled electronics in the latest equipment and thermostats. When he’s not hard at work, John enjoys photography and is the moderator of the world’s largest HVAC interest forum, hvac-talk.com.

John has been with Appel for nearly 25 years, and we can’t imagine the place without him!